Resurrection 2

Orphaned by the weather's curse
Drifting through the good and bad and worse
Just like she drifted in and out of care
Now a tyrant beggar with broken hair
Flagrant with the stop and stare scare tactics of the street
Her aspirations just dead meat
Just some future-baited treat
As her feet take the heat of her endeavour through the clever clever sneering throngs she hates but where she belongs to court the songs of urban madmen shrunk to sad men singing bad men’s praise to raise their spirits like the slews of the blood-contaminated booze they use and are squarely abused by so they can plead not guilty to their condition but it’s just angry perdition just some rendition of a self-deceiving blues she tries to lose herself within
To blank out the sin
And trying to extricate herself from the passion-gutted tangle
She lets her eyes trap the hazy mists of rooftops where the crazy hopes still dangle
Spot a cast-aside crucifix wedged in a guttering angle
Drowned and dirty in the moss
Wooden skin on wooden cross
A piece of human marquetry
Some soldier booty banished free
She reaches out and picks him down with care
Tries to ruffle his wooden hair
Wings into his silent prayer and delves into his past-and-future lair and scares herself with what she sees in there until she throttles back up for air
And she splinter-kisses his wood-hair tangle
Tosses him back to his rooftop angle
Stands there, lets her scarred head dangle
With her dry tongue still confessing
And her finger still caressing
As she reaches out for blessing
And then she takes her scabby ration
But so much for passion
It all gets fucked
It all gets sucked away

Resurrection 1

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  1. This one is particularly moving. Just read Easter and Resurrection 1 too - both of them good, but I liked this one the most. I liked the unusual take of this one and I thought the last part worked very well.