The Miraculous Mandarin

Blaring cityscape - noise-scars scratch the floating sky, circling this garret
They have no money - empty pockets seek a purse - they need a victim
"Dance in the window - make them buy your tattered dreams - suck the suckers in!"
Age staggers upwards; shouts his manifesto clear, wheezing on the treads
"I have no money - just the one true currency - unpolluted love"
"Not here it ain't, mate - pollution is what we need - that's what fills bellies"
"Out with this pauper!" (out down the creaking risers - out to the blind street)

"And you - dance again! Dance till you're red in the feet! Dance your decoy dance!"
Youth stands at the top; flutter-tongued embarrassment; lung-gutted by steps
They dance together - the poverty pas de deux - entrailed in themselves
They check his wallet; absorb its gaped emptiness; throw him out as well
She sees him perform his descending glissando; turns back to her dance
(Her stretching welcome: an empty venus fly-trap - hunger-exhausted)

She eye-hooks a mark - wealthy exoticism - street-staring upwards
"Watch my baited show: lick its fragments and digest its salty promise"
Mute in the doorway - slow chromatic engorging - a leap towards her
Embrace then struggle; then suffocating mugging (protect and purloin)
Three rusty sword stabs - a quarter tone from demise - the eyes still staring
But no blood comes yet: anti-haemophilia - scarred immunity
Hanged from a lamp hook - falling like a cast-out flame (plunged arpeggio)
Glowing through the dark, like a discord of swept air (pain-condensation)
They embrace again, like plates scraping together, and the flow begins
Blood-death snagging him; wrapped in their blood-soaked bear hug; death-blood drowning him
His heart double-stopped - his soul evaporating - like stray harmonics

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